Sick and Tired aka Woe Is Me aka Help Me Feel Better

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I hate being sick. I am a (pretty) big baby when it comes to having a cold. I am more of a “woe is me” type rather than the “I am dying” type. With that being said, I will do anything to make myself feel better.

Here’s what the docs have to say:

Drink more water.

Get more sleep.

Take your vitamins.

Ok, check, check, and check. Now what?

I have a virus. There is nothing you can do to cure a virus. Everyone has some sort of trick their mom’s used when they were kids to help them feel better. Mine would give me Diet Pepsi and fudge for an upset stomach. It worked too. I get the Pepsi-it had bubbles-but the fudge? Was it just another excuse to eat fudge? I don’t know. Can’t hurt, though, right? My dad’s side of the family is big into Hot Toddies. Personally, I like Tylenol and bitching about how I don’t feel good.

This time, I took Coldcalm (from the makers of Oscillococcium which I had heard great things about) and Airborne. Jury is still out on the Coldcalm. However I have always had great results taking Airborne. It doesn’t make you better but I really do think it shortens the life of your cold. Next time I get sick, I will experiment and take just the Coldcalm to see if it works at all.

What do you do when you’re sick to feel better? (help!)