Coming to terms with being a GOOD MOM

You read that right. Coming to terms with being a good mom. That would mean I think I am a good mom. Well, duh. I know I am a good mom.

If nothing else, the last 6 months have been just insane. Or I have been insane. I’m not entirely sure which, at the moment. Mommy hormones are still raging so it could be the latter. Anyways-I didn’t even feel like a mom till my daughter was probably 5 1/2 months old. It just clicked one day. I just felt it, FINALLY.

So here is where the good mom part comes in. Now that I feel like a mom, I know indistinctly that I am a good mom. I had spent the last year (from pregnancy till now) reading and searching and re-reading all sorts of mommy things on the inter-webs. If you want to feel like a good mom, this can sometimes be a bad idea. There are all sorts of opinions out there on parenting your kids. Breast is best! Bottle feeders for life! Wear your baby! Don’t let them eat GMOs! Wipe their butts with only the finest organic hand-spun fair-traded cotton butt wipes available! Pinterest EVERYTHING. Umm… ok?

I actually got far too busy to even search for these things online or read the mommy-boards or facebook pages. I do follow “Scary Mommy” on FB (which I highly recommend-it has made me feel sane in my darkest hours), but besides that, I haven’t been keeping track.


Here are my qualifications for being a good mom:

1. Love them: Love your kid more than your heart even can dream capable. This has kind of come naturally. It’s pretty cool.

2. Keep them alive: Do everything in your power to keep them safe and warm.

3. Try your best: Do everything HUMANLY possible to be your best version of you. (Pinterest need not apply).

Everyone is different. Breastfeeding is cool, bottle feeding is, too. I don’t care how other people feed their kid as long as he or she is fed! I don’t care if you co-sleep, wear the baby, let them cry, hold them, kiss them… whatever. It is your child. If you didn’t think that you were doing your best, that is where the problem comes in. Just love your child, keep them safe, and try hard. Sure, you’re gonna fail but childhood is a loooonnggg time that goes by REALLY fast… They will survive and might even thank you for whatever you screwed up on. So take a breather- you got this.

Cause I do. And if I am a good mom, there are plenty more out there like me. So it’s been kind of weird realizing I am a good mom. It is hard to give yourself credit sometimes. I have tried being modest about it but what is the use, really? Be a good mom and rock that shit. You and your kiddo will be truly happy and that is all that matters, right?

Love love love, Mommy C.