I’m Sorry or I’m Back

It has been months. MONTHS. My last post was in July, you know-before things got crazy. At work, they were working me like a mad woman and I can honestly say I am proud of myself for working up until I had the baby. It was a stroke of luck or a gift from God that I had the day off when I went into labor. Ask the nurses at the doctor’s office. They probably STILL don’t use the exam room my water broke in! Then of course, I had the baby. No one wants to write when you have a newborn and a bazillion things to do. I was even too busy and tired to procrastinate enough with my other junk to write on here. I really wish I had, too, because I had a LOT to say.

I would sit on the toilet to pee and go over an imaginary blog post that I wanted to get out. Then I would have to hurry off to feed or change my little bundle of joy. More on her later.

So over all, I apologize to the exact 6 people that probably follow me and the exact 0 that care that I have been missing for the past 6 months. I do like to feel like I am being polite, even if no one is at the receiving end of my heartfelt apology.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year,



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