Today’s Lesson: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Today I have my glucose test for my pregnancy. Not a big deal but it does require me to sit in the lab office for a couple hours while my body processes the 75g of glucose I had to drink earlier. Well, while sitting here I am able to bare witness to a lot of interactions and a plethora of different and unique people. Within the last hour, these three things have happened:

1. Age is a funny thing: Some people look their age. Others do not. Everyone has to announce their date of birth as soon as they come in and I have made it sort of an entertainment to see how close I was at estimating their age. Apparently there are a lot of ladies who need glucose tests today. Most women are alone (like myself) but there was one who came in with her significant other. They were both kind of awkward people but I had estimated they might be boyfriend and girlfriend… Maybe late teens early twenties. Well… She was older than me! My age estimation is way off nowadays but it’s funny how you judge someone on their appearance and literally know nothing about them!

2. Amy: So there are a lot of pregnant ladies here and a lot of elderly here. Sometimes older people have a hard time hearing. The nurse came out looking for Amy and both an older gentleman and a pregnant lady got up. The older gentleman walked confidently over to the nurse as the pregnant lady sat back down, confused. The nurse was also confused. The man says brightly “surprise!!” Which made the nurse even more confused. She asked to verify the name, as she also thought he had heard it incorrectly. “My name is Amy!” He said to her and verified his last name. HE was the correct Amy.

3. In the hood: I am currently in a city with a large immigrant and minority population. Of course there are a lot of people here speaking different languages and some looking a bit more culturally diverse. An African American male walked in, chains on, pants low, walking with a swagger. I had expected a “Yo, dawg, I’m here for some bloodwork”. Instead, he was the most eloquent and polite speaker I had witnessed all morning. His grammar and vocabulary probably topped my own and even held the door for the nurse citing “ladies first!”


I am am fairly ashamed to be making these initial judgements about people because I know better. I don’t know why we even judge people so quickly the way we do. Is it society? The way we were brought up? I hate catching myself doing it because consciously, I know better than to do it. But it just strikes you sometimes, I guess.

So my lesson of the day: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and keep an open mind. People will surprise you, so maybe that is the “fun” thing about judgements.


June already!?

Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess! I am not sure I would count this as fun but it is a definite relief from what I was feeling before! I am now about 3 months out from my due date and doing pretty well. The baby is kicking away and doing the macarena and other plyometric activities. She is a happy little kid (this is all based on assumption from her sick dancing skills she has clearly acquired from her Mama). I feel good, too. I have a decent amount of energy, minus the fact that I only sleep in 1-2 hour stents because of having to constantly pee. Seriously, I half wish I could just use a catheter at night… it is ridiculous! However, I suppose it is slowly training me for when she gets here. Hubby has also started waking up. Probably because I am like a turtle on my back trying to get in and out of bed and make no effort to be quiet. Hey, he will need this “training” too.

Let’s see. Any updates? She is healthy and seems to be growing right on track so far! Excellent news for us. I have a glucose test next Friday and a Dr. appointment Monday (normal checking in on things and stuff). I just like to hear her heartbeat and have them tell me I’m doing just fine. Up for this month is a baby shower hosted by my mom and sister and booking a birthing education class for July.

NOW I am getting excited. As bad as it sounds, I was absolutely 100% not impressed with being pregnant. And as someone who went through test after test to just make sure I was even able to have a baby, this seems a little absurd. But it is the truth. I wasn’t feeling any sort of connection to her. Now, I definitely feel a connection, some sort of motherly love, but I still almost feel like I have a stranger sharing my body. I have also taken on a totally new look to pregnancy and my baby. Before I was absolutely scared shitless that something was going to happen, I was going to eat the wrong thing or drink too much tea or have medication that wasn’t perfectly tested for pregnant moms… I looked everything up. I belonged to different boards and clubs online for expecting moms. I never even check those things. For the important things like checking how much of a certain type of fish is safe to eat, I definitely check those things out online. Otherwise, I don’t want to hear horror stories, I don’t want to worry unnecessarily. I just live my life, try to make healthy choices, and stay away from known dangers. It makes it a lot easier on me to quit worrying about each tiny little thing. Even now, I have been super thirsty which could potentially be a symptom of gestational diabetes. I have my glucose test in a week… they will be able to tell me then-no use worrying about it now! Life has been good since I’ve started doing this.

Apparently, the baby should be about a pound and a half. I have gained roughly 18-20 pounds so far, with 3 months to go. It’s not horrible, but it isn’t perfect. I still can’t stand the thought of veggies but I still try to make a point to eat them. I try not to indulge in too much and walk. I am going to start prenatal yoga and I do Kegals when I remember… But other than that. I have 1.5 pounds that doesn’t belong to me so I’m ok with that.

I am happy. I am very happy to have an addition coming this September and I am very happy to share this experience with the man I love. I honestly think that our relationship is even happier and stronger. I am thrilled to death when he has to feel her kick and touch her and talks to her. I can’t get enough of his excitement, especially when he talks about the future with her. I know, though, that she is also just so lucky to have a dad like him. There is a captain on our fire department with a daughter a few years younger than me. They get along famously and have such a great relationship. I am so happy to think that Hubby will be just as fun and loving with our own child(ren).

So I guess pregnancy isn’t so bad. Does it suck to be restricted on things such as eating, drinking, and activities? Absolutely. But it is temporary. Did the entire first trimester completely suck? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Absolutely. I couldn’t be more blessed.