Baby Firefighter Coming September 2014!

We finally made our announcement. We let the guys on the fire department know and well-they are guys-so the overwhelming response was “Cool. Congratulations.” However, if I was still dancing, my fellow dancers would be sashaying around me screeching and blowing out eardrums so I guess it is just the company that you keep. We also posted on Facebook and got a lot of congratulations and support, which is nice. It just feels so good to finally let the secret out and not to have to pretend that I’m totally normal! 

Here’s the announcement we made:


We really are super excited. I am getting more and more used to the idea every day. I am fairly certain I am beginning to show now. You can tell my belly isn’t just fat, there is something there. I am looking forward to being a little more pregnant so that people aren’t all like “Wow-that’s a fatty!”. However, I am totally loving being able to wear my own clothes still and not have to worry about getting new pants just yet!

Life is good. Baby is coming, I am starting to understand that, and Hubby is excited (and as of late helping around the house, making my job SO much easier!!)

xx C


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