11 Weeks

 11 Weeks. Really not that much time if you think about it. However. If you’re pregnant and experiencing intense flu-like symptoms coupled with the worst PMS symptoms known to man (or woman), 11 weeks is eternity. The good news is that on Tuesday, I get to see our little munchkin. I am hoping beyond hope that it is hanging in there happily beating its tiny little heart. Also, I’m a little nervous because I did have a little too much caffeine this morning and I hope I didn’t make it go haywire, poor kid.

I will feel a LOT better after I see it’s little profile. It’s little arms and it’s little legs all curled up. I will feel so much better knowing that at that point in time, we have gotten through the most of it (as far as miscarriage risk). I will be happier, I’m hoping.

This entire time I have been a complete bear. I hate everyone and everything and this week, new symptom! Tears! I cry a lot. Or at least I want to cry a lot. Yesterday it snowed again and then rained on top of the snow. I was in the lab for 12 hours and went out to my car to find it completely cleared off from a coworker who left a few hours earlier. I used my super-sleuth skills and saw the little criss cross pattern of crampon-ice-friction-footies or whatever they are near my car. I started bawling. How nice! I was just so tired I could have cried if you said hello to me. Actually, when I called my mom, I did. I blubbered like a baby.

Unfortunately, my hubby does not help the case. He doesn’t know what to do with me. I think he thinks this terrible sickness and mood swings is completely made up-sort of like a wives tale. I beg to differ, my friend. He laughed at me when I started crying. Not a good idea. I am going to try to be nice to him, as he is my main punching bag, and get him a sub for dinner tonight. I really just don’t feel like cooking and I do feel a little guilty I’m being so horrible. On the other hand though, I have been SUCH a trooper about trying to continue on like normal. We really need to meet in the middle.

Also, my family has been absolutely fantastic. We bred dogs for a long time growing up and our bitch always got the royal treatment (with or without a litter, lucky bitch). For example, I had wonderful leftover steak tips from going out to dinner the night before and my dad insisted on giving them to the dog for her breakfast before I woke up and could protest. So, the good news is that I am now receiving this royal treatment. If I go over there house, I could just say “I’m hungry” and have an entire smorgasbord of food in front of me in less than a minute or “I’m cold” and have a blanket being tucked neatly around me as I am pet and fawned over. I. Am. Loving. It. They are more excited than anyone else, I think. This kid is going to make things interesting. I was always very close to my mom’s mom. She basically joint raised me with my own mom. I know it is going to be the same with my kid. Loving it!

I don’t have it too bad. I am just looking forward to the next trimester-and telling work! I can’t wait to be able to openly complain and hopefully get a little leniency. Even just a little bit. Like, hold the door for me and I will be happy-little bit.
Off to find something to settle my stomach.
-CC at 11 weeks, 1 day and still fairly miserable


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