The P Card

I did it. Today I pulled the P card. The all and mighty PREGNANCY Card. Now, everyone always talks about how awesome it is to be pregnant. Ladies I know talk longingly of their pregnant days and how they miss them. I am yet to figure out what the hell they are talking about-though I was able to get a glimpse or at least what it is I THINK they are referring to.
In all honesty, I want to eat a meal without worrying if it is going to come back up in a half hour. I want to have a real poop. Actually, I just want to be able to poop! I want to not feel like a piece of crap a tractor ran over… Twice. Because we are waiting for 12 weeks to tell everyone the exciting news, I have had to keep a lot of my complaints to myself and pretend everything is just peachy. This is also exhausting. I think more strangers know I’m pregnant than people I actually know! So when the opportunity to use my pregnancy to my advantage arose today, I grabbed onto it with everything I had.
We stopped at McDonald’s after a late motorcycle club meeting to grab a bite before heading home. I just wanted a couple fries and to try a chocolate covered strawberry frappe from McDonald’s. Those damn commercials have got me thinking about them and now with the baby hormones I MUST have something I set my mind to. I ordered a small one and was SO excited to try this thing. To my horror-they couldn’t get the machine to work after trying. I was devastated. “We can refund you or maybe get you a strawberry shake?” Oh my god. Decisions. And no frappe? Worst thing ever. I couldn’t decide what I wanted because the thought everything else made me want to puke and I wanted to stay away from caffeine so I couldn’t think of any substitute. After debating all these things in my head, I cry “I’m pregnant!” And the lady pokes her head back in her window and turns around thoughtfully. Then she comes back and says “how bout I put the syrup and the chocolate chips in a McFlurry for you?” Oh my god YES!! She must be a mom. She gets that for me while the other workers actually get the frappe machine to work. Best thing ever! They gave me the McFlurry because they’d just chuck it and I got my frappe. I thanked them and then giggled that it worked out the way it did. The frappe was ok but I did taste the McFlurry and it was divine!! So that went into the freezer for tomorrow night.
I don’t want to think I’m creating a monster but THAT made the whole being pregnant thing not all that bad. Maybe that’s what everyone misses? Cause I can’t wait to not puke and poop like a normal person. Until then, I’m going to enjoy my custom McFlurry and secretly thank the McDonalds lady for being so awesome!!
Here’s to the P card!!


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