SUCCESS!! or Dear Judges


Back in my glory days of ductaping my boobs, gluing my bathing suit to my ass, and eating half bags of carrots when coming back from the bar rather than the tantalizing pizza being inhaled by my friends, I was asked a lot of weird questions. Pageantry will do that to you. The interview process was standard-basically 10 minutes or so of being grilled with any question the judges could muster up. Some were aimed to get to know you, some were aimed to see how creatively you could answer, and some were aimed to really throw you off. I’ve had a plethora of strange ones that included (and are certainly not limited to) “If you were to be a color, what would it be and how would you describe that to a blind person?” and “What would be on page 25 of your autobiography?” Pretty standard, actually. Other times you could get some questions with more substance. “What is the biggest challenge our youth face today?” or “Do you think that illegal immigrants should be allowed the same benefits as citizens?”

One question I got quite often was “How do you define success?”. Well, while I’ve always stood by the fact that success is different to each person. I was driving this past week contemplating life (I mean, what else do YOU do while driving??) and I was thinking “Aha! I’ve got it! Too bad I’m not competing anymore *nostalgic sigh*”.
To all of my past judges who have asked this: Here is my final answer.

Success is different to everyone. My success of being a professional may not match up to the woman down the street being able to walk again on her own after a motorcycle accident, or the kid who hasn’t been able to spell something correctly for weeks and finally gets that “A” on the spelling test. Success is a goal someone has for themselves and meeting or surpassing that goal. The meaning of success is to reach that overall goal. To me, my main goal in life is to be happy. I will always be successful if I am happy no matter my place in life. Right now I want to have a career and a solid marriage and a happy home. I have those things and I feel successful.

So, SUCCESS! I’ve got it 😉


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