Home Again, Home Again


Flags are flown everywhere!

We are back! We made it back from Hamburg in one piece! By we I mean my husband and I. Not just me on this trip! Woop woop!

The weather was fantastic, the food was great, and we had 9 days (that is 216 hours!) of uninterrupted “together” time. I am happy to announce that we are both alive and well and did not attempt to murder each other at all on the trip. Well, my attempt was foiled by housekeeping, but who is counting?

The Hahbah

Anyways, we tried to do as much as we could together while we were there. We went to the Reeperbahn so that The Husband could see the prostitutes (what woman brings her husband someplace to show off the prostitutes?). This was particularly funny because the Women of the Night lining the streets are very pretty (from far away… like very far) but also very bold. If you don’t have a woman locked onto your arm, you are fair game. I am not entirely sure this is true, but I did not witness any Girls in my time there go after men with women with them. At first hubby thought it was funny (we were still on the other side of the street sans-prostitutes at this time). The women will chase down men to solicit them. Then we crossed the street to get a Döner (yum) and he didn’t think it was so funny. They were not nearly as attractive up close and I have only seen this much fear from him on very rare occasions. He would NOT let me go! He was teasing me and I pretended to get mad and walk away. Man, I don’t think he has ever moved that fast in his life. “Don’t leave me!” he pleaded. I shook my head and tried to shake him but he was legit freaked out so I gave in and let him hold my hand. We didn’t spend much time there at night, but he had seen enough. He wouldn’t even go on the other side of the wall on Herbertstrasse (a men only street for women to ply their wares in the windows). I called him names until he would at least peek. We bought a beer at a store and went to the water to drink it… and let him recover from what he had just seen.

We went to Planten un Blomen a few times to see the gorgeous park and flowers. We ate some snacks here and walked around. What a gorgeous area! The place is huge and there are chairs and places to sit everywhere! I desperately wish we could have something as nice back home. One day, we went to watch people playing chess. They have a giant chessboard with giant pieces. It seemed to us that these people play daily together. Most were in electric scooters and one man was wearing a skirt. Their scooters were hooked up to little trolleys with seemingly all of their belongings and they parked them inside the area to play. We couldn’t help but assume they were homeless (or close to it) so we essentially watched homeless people chain smoke and beat each others’ asses in chess for well over an hour.

The Husband was very excited there was so much going on during his stay. He met me there a week into my 2 week trip and there was a huge bike race through the city the weekend of his arrival. On Wednesday, we went to Hafen City for the day and came back to a tent city set up around the Alster (big man made lake). Upon seeing this in the distance, I got excited and hoped that it wasn’t another bike race. There had been a triathalon during my last trip and a bike race the weekend before and I didn’t want to walk through a festival of bike tires and spandex shorts for sale for a third weekend. Oh-no-it was an end-of-the-summer festival complete with beer, booze bowls, and food trucks. Holy cow, was THAT amazing. It was going on from Thursday-Sunday and we ended up going there every night we were there until we left Sunday. They had fireworks each night and when we sat and watched on Thursday, they were AMAZING. Like better than Disney amazing! They had 5 barges set up with the fireworks and even had this one type I had never seen before. It was like a fireworks display for people with ADD. I loved it!

We actually spent our anniversary there (Year 2!) and placed a love lock on a bridge, which was pretty cool.

Nighttime over the Alster

We had a great week and I will make some more posts with more details because it was just that good. I will detail the Russian Uboat (Dave’s favorite part of the trip, go figure), the different foods we had, our lovelock, the tour, Hafen City, Schanze, Harbor, Lübeck and Travemünde, our run in with Giants and Soccer fans, and other sight-seeing adventures we had a long the way.

One thing is for sure: Man are we lucky.

On our 2nd anniversary



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