Easiest Buffalo Chicken Dip; Last Minute Recipe


My schedule can be crazy. I travel a lot for work and so sometimes I need to fit a month’s worth of life into two or three weeks. An old neighbor of mine graduated high school last week and they had a graduation party. I didn’t know if I would be able to attend, so I only planned on going loosely. Of course, my mother taught me never to arrive anywhere empty handed, so I figured if I did go I would bring a bottle of wine. I have a wine rack and usually keep a small sample of good and cheap wines. When my family called on Sunday morning to tell me they would be going, I agreed to meet them there. I looked at my wine collection and to my horror, realized I only had the $2.99 Walmart specials left and a bottle I had received at my wedding. I hadn’t been food shopping in a while and we were on our last leg of “real” food in the house. I didn’t have time to go to the store. Super.

I looked through my cabinets and didn’t even have brownie mix. I had to get creative. I rummaged through my freezer and pantry and came up with an idea. Buffalo chicken dip! I happily took down a bag of tortilla chips, but then realized that they had expired in May. The only other thing I had was a bag of pre-sliced everything bagels that had a sell by date of the week prior. After careful inspection, they were not stale and had no mold, so I was good to go.

I cut up the bagels into quarters and peeled the pieces apart so it was actually eighths. I used 5 of the 6 in case my husband needed breakfast on Monday and so I had about forty pieces. I melted enough butter to cover the bottom of a frying pan and fried the pieces with a heavy pot on top to make them more flat. While doing this, I took 2 breasts of chicken I had in the freezer (I like to have single frozen breasts in the freezer for these types of emergencies!) and boiled them. Of course, they weren’t cooking fast enough so I cut them into large chunks and finished boiling them. After the bagels were fried and flat and the chicken was boiled, I put the bagels on a cookie sheet and baked at 300* while I made the dip.

I drained the water from the chicken and stuck it in my standing mixer and put it on low. While the steaming hot chicken was being batted around in my mixer, I added a couple of small tabs of butter. I had a block of cream cheese in the fridge and stuck that in the mixer as well. I added about half of a small bottle of Frank’s Red Hot into the mix and drizzled honey in. Of course, I did this all to taste. I didn’t even have a serving plate to bring with me so I used some stoneware I had and made it “look pretty”. No wine, but I had chicken! It came out awesome and I got a lot of compliments. I even had some dip left over to enjoy by myself the next night.

Here is my recipe:

(Oh Shit) Buffalo Chicken Dip

Serves 10-14


  •  2-3 boneless skinless chicken breasts (use 2 for creamier dip, 3 for a thicker dip)
  • 1 block of cream cheese
  • 1 cup or half a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce or equivalent
  • 6 tbs butter, divided (4 for frying and 2 for the dip)
  • 2 tbs honey
  • 6 bagels
  1. Preheat oven to 300* and add water to 2 qt pot and bring to boil. Add chicken.
  2. While chicken is boiling, cut bagels in half and then into quarters. Add 1 tbs at a time and fry the bagels “face down” in the butter. Add a heavy pot on top of bagels to flatten them out. After each batch, add another tab of butter for frying. Transfer to cookie sheet.
  3. After chicken is fully cooked, transfer to standing mixer (otherwise shred and mix by hand). Make sure to use the mixer while the chicken is hot or it won’t shred well. Mix on low.
  4. While chicken is shredding in the mixer, cook bagels in oven until crisp (usually 15-20 mins).
  5. Add remaining 2 tbs of butter to chicken while it is in mixer, then add hot sauce, cream cheese, and honey. Mix until uniform in color and consistency.
  6. Serve bagel chips with dip.

And! Here are my pictures:

IMG_5428 IMG_5429 IMG_5430 IMG_5431 IMG_5433 IMG_5435


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