I ate a Hamburger in Hamburg

Yes, I did. And it wasn’t all that amazing. This is probably because I had it on a salad with “American” dressing. No, I didn’t actually want AMERICAN dressing but I was so intrigued that such a thing existed and as I am American myself and have never heard of it, had to try. Well, it is as if you went to BK, ordered a Whopper, took off the bread and burger, and ate the toppings instead. That is about it. And the burger was dry and meh. That is probably just the place I ate at.

It is nearing dinner time now, for me at least. Being 6 hours behind really screws up your eating schedule. It is only about 2PM right now back home and 8PM here and I really need to go eat something before everything closes. This means I am eating dinner at 2. Ugh. I love this place dearly, I just wish we were in the same time zone!

Hamburg is great so far. I’ve only been here for about a day, but it is a really nice city. It is clean, pretty, and the people are all these tall model looking people. Of course I don’t speak the language so I have no idea if they are nice or just assholes I can’t understand, but ignorance is bliss I suppose. Also, there is a really great park RIGHT next to the hotel I’m at. The Planten un Blomen totally doesn’t belong in a city. It is a gorgeous oasis of plants and some animals and is quiet. They also have put a ton of chairs and benches around the place for you to relax in. This city actually is really quiet too. Noise quiet, not people quiet. There is a lot to see and do and walk around but the noise isn’t overwhelming like in some cities.

Tomorrow I will make a plan on the rest of my two weeks here and what I am going to see and do and how bad of a tourist I will need to act like. I heard there was a zoo with Giraffe and I will HAVE to go if this is true. Lastly, the weather is beautiful. I saw online before I left that it was supposed to be rainy and 60 this whole time. While it is probably close to 65 and I did wake up to a city cloaked in misty fog, it has since burned off and is now beautiful. The only thing I can say is that I wish my family and friends were here to enjoy this with me! It is too lovely to be here without them!

IMG_4804 IMG_4814 IMG_4819 IMG_4824 IMG_4829


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