Bathroom Do-Over

If there is one thing I have learned over the last 2 years as a married lady, it is that my husband will do virtually anything to get out of doing something he doesn’t like. This is also how I can tell if he doesn’t like a particular chore. I suppose I should consider myself lucky because he gets out of these “chores” by doing something else productive-usually yard work, which was a chore for me growing up and I don’t particularly like it so. He is especially grumpy in the winter when I call him out on this because there isn’t a whole lot left for him to busy himself with as an excuse to get out of say, doing the laundry. Here is what I can ask him to help me with and be guaranteed he has something better to do: laundry-any aspect, washing, drying, folding, separating, putting away…, cleaning the bathroom: I don’t think he has cleaned the shower or a toilet since I’ve known him; dishes: he doesn’t really like this but I can usually sucker him into it; any house redecorating/remodeling/renovating. With that being said, you can bet your ass we have about a cord of freshly chopped wood and he landscaped 3 other yards as I did the downstairs bathroom over completely alone.

So this weekend, I finished my bathroom. I started by taking down all the wallpaper last week. I just kind of started doing it. After we decided to put the house on the market sooner than later, I just went nutty and tore the paper down. I decided on a green to try to make the bathroom neutral-ish, put up a new light, new shelf/towel rack, new shades, new hardware, and freshly caulked the sink. I actually had to replace the globe of the light as well because when i took the shelf out so I could paint, I smashed the damn thing into a hundred pieces. The only thing I’d like to do is put some nice tile down. This mini renovation cost me a little over $100 and a little hard work. It went like this: $25 for the shelf, $9 for new hardware, $25 for the light, $16 for the shades, $36 for the paint, $14 for the paint supplies (which I bought for the kitchen as well), $14 for new shades, and $5 for a new globe. Also, I have a Lowes card and I got 5% off!

Here are some pictures:









I get to enjoy a brand new bright bathroom out of the 90’s metallic cave and into modern cleanliness! Now, to harness the energy my husband puts forth into projects he wants to do and trick him into doing what I need help with… What a task!





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