Life-Changing Decisions

If you think about it, every decision is life-changing or certainly has the potential to be life-changing. Some big ones like “What to major in at college?” and “Should I marry this dude?” are pretty important. Others like “chicken or beef?” and “pink or french manicure?” might not make such an impact. You just never know, do you?

This weekend, I met with my real estate agent to make up an offer on the house. My husband couldn’t make it to the office with me so I had to do it alone (well, except for my sister I had for company). We wrote up the offer and discussed terms and conditions. I would have to tie up a pretty large sum of money in an escrow account and have my house sold in a month. Um… what??!

My parents have been super supportive and have offered Dave and I tons of help and resources to get this thing going. However, I was certainly not ready to drop $$$ and get my house in showing condition in less than a week. I have my procedure coming up and maybe some traveling for work, too. I can’t do it all! I finished writing up the offer and signed the papers, feeling more and more uneasy.

I was handed the envelope and was instructed to drop it off on the way home to the other real estate agent and that she will know it is coming her way. I was all sorts of freaked out and nervous. So we went to Orange Leaf.

After some yummy yogurt and fabulous little boba balls, I made my decision.

You guessed it. I chickened out.

I drove home and talked to my husband. This house is perfect, I love it, I want it. But!! (there is always a but, right??) This has to be the most piss poor timing. We can do it-but should we?

I say no. My plan now is to wait and see what happens. Maybe no one wants it! Maybe it doesn’t sell and this summer they drop the price! I highly doubt it, but miracles can happen. However, it did light a fire under my ass. We have already been to some home improvement stores, picked out new carpets, tile, paint, and fixtures, and I will be going balls to the walls on this joint this weekend. I already have half the wallpaper torn off in my bathroom in preparation of my own version of extreme home makeover. Either I get to live in a sweet new renovated home, or it will be a breeze to show it.

As far as financials, Dave and I have made a plan for some extra income we have had and for some credit lines we have utilized… We have been super smart and very conservative with our money and it shows. This being said, I think we can do the house over to at least be super nice for us to live in! We won’t be there forever so I am not going to get the best of everything but I definitely can’t wait for everything to be finished.

If it was meant to be, then I guess it will be. Or if I want it bad enough, I will just work that much harder to get it. Either way, only time will tell how this pans out. Hopefully the market and interest rates don’t do anything crazy within the next few months and I will be a happy camper. In the end, home is where the heart is and I will be happy (or die trying).


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