Buying My Future

A childhood friend’s parents recently put their home on the market. Now that I am making a decent living and my husband is too, we decided it was time to start to think about upgrading our own home. This house would be amazing.

Someday not too far away, we would like to start a family and I would like to have more bedrooms for our little kiddos. We have a lovely two bedroom home at the moment, but I think now is a better time to prepare and seize the market while it is the way it is. I wish that real estate wasn’t ever changing and that mortgage rates stayed the same. However, this is the real world and that just wouldn’t work.

The house is to die for. Seriously, I wanted it even before I heard about the rest of the goodies. It is a four bedroom in a great neighborhood with 2+ acres of land and 3 bathrooms. In other words, huge and in paradise as far as I’m concerned. We decided to see if we could get a showing and we fell in love. Not only was the house great, the current owners put a crapload of money into it with all sorts of great upgrades (central air and granite counter tops) and more practical things like a new roof and heating system. We wouldn’t have to touch a damn thing for the next 15 years!

We weren’t prepared to make an offer mentally. We have been saving money for when we need it, like now, but I don’t know how comfortable I am just almost sucking that dry. We didn’t think the process would be so quick but there are a few other potential buyers and we were basically told “buy now or forever regret you didn’t buy” pretty much.

Normally, I would hear someone tell me “you have to act now” and I would be like yeah, thanks but no thanks. But now? It is absolutely too good to pass up. A property this good just doesn’t exist in my town, besides this one. We can afford the house, but it would be a bit tighter than I like. I am super conservative with my finances, so it is just my feeling on it.

So, what do I do? Do we just go for this or do we wait out this market and continue to save our money? We have a lovely home now but this would be like heaven. I hate this growing up thing. I am just too afraid to make the wrong decision!

How do you make decisions so quickly that will ultimately impact the rest of your life?


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