You can dress them up but you can’t take them out: The Oscars 2013

I do not follow Hollywood much. Sure, I have a couple of main crushes (Seth McFarlane, please marry me. Seriously. Also, Mark Wahlberg? Yum.) and girl crushes too (obsessing over Jennifer Lawrence now) but if you asked me about the who’s who, I couldn’t tell you much. With that being said, I think I expected more of the Oscars’ Red Carpet. I am a sucker for a pretty dress and was so excited to see all the gorgeous designs. And I did! Oh the gowns were amazing! However, when they stopped the actresses to speak with them… Cue horrid screeching car accident sound.

To me, when I think of Hollywood-and public figures for that matter-I would expect them to carry themselves well and speak eloquently and be all regal and devine. Ok, not the case in real life, I know. But! I think I was expecting a bit more of out these people. I was too dazzled by some of the dresses to be making notes of who said what, and I understand that speaking to a reporter in front of a camera must be nerve wracking, but I was very disappointed.

I think as a society, we put famous people on such a pedestal they become inhuman. With this comes the expectation to dazzle us 24/7. And they don’t. They can’t. They are human. However, they could probably take a few “how to speak to reporters” classes or “how to stand up straight” classes… Not entirely sure what help is warranted here but some of these people need some class…es.

Classic Hollywood of regal elegance has deteriorated into a picture. These women are absolutely beautiful now as they ever were but don’t carry themselves the same way. Some can walk the walk but can’t talk the talk.

I don’t know. I think I was expecting Audrey Hepburn… and all I got was Kristen Stewart.

Absolutely Lovely
Kristen Stewart looks like death. Stand with confidence, comb your hair, slap on a smile, and please wear a dress that fits.
Classic Elegance
For God’s sake! Get a new friggen hair ‘do-you’ve had the same one since I was in grade school-and stand up tall. Life can’t suck that bad! Frumpy.
Absolutely elegant.
Absolutely beautiful.
Love this.

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