Three Reasons I Wear Heels

I love shoes. When saving and spending money, I always put it in shoe perspective. Example: Going out to eat = $60.00. That is two ok pairs of shoes or one half-decent pair of shoes. Or 30% off a $200.00 bill… Again, one to two pairs of shoes. That is how much I love shoes.

I especially love tall shoes-high heeled beauties.

So it is no wonder I love to wear said shoes (again, kind of a given). And not for the reason you think. No, not for the sole fact (pun intended) that I love shoes. Here are three reasons I wear high heels.

1.    1. They make me taller: Well, duh. That’s the point. But I am already 5’7’’ without my shoes on. Slap a pair of 5” bad Larry’s on my tootsies and I am an even 6’. A 6 foot tall girl walking around gets a lot more attention than some 5’3’’ miniature.  Plus, I like to pretend I’m some crazy supermodel.

2.     2.People can’t see my roots: Like I said, I get tall. Sometimes I don’t have time to get a good highlight in and my roots grow out. I’m a natural blonde but not to the extent I like to keep my hair at. So, by weeks 8-10 you can start to see the top of my head turning darker than the rest of my hair. Emmmmbarrassing. So, with heels, only people over 6’ tall can see my roots really coming in. With that being said, I think statistics are in my favor in the fact that not a whole lot of people are actually that tall.

Ok, so they aren’t that bad, but you get the idea.

3.     3. They make me skinnier: Here is my main reason. I’ve illustrated this idea in a diagram below. You take two girls. Both are 150 pounds. Make one girl 5’, one 5’6”. Who is skinnier? The tall girl. So! Take a girl who is 5’7” and X amount of pounds (I’ll let your imagination take this one… make me skinny please), add 5-6 inches and ta-daa! Insta-diet without the diet part. Seriously.


You can eat your lettuce. I’m going to have me a burger and a new pair of shoes on the side.

Happy Friday!


Bonus Reason: Weapons

I’m wearing these to work today. They could totally double as some sort of weapon. That pointy heel could poke an eye out and that toe (that extends a good 2″ from my own) could really do some damage. Oh the joys of being a girl 🙂



One thought on “Three Reasons I Wear Heels

  1. “Bonus reason: Weapons”
    I love that. And I completely share your reasons for wearing amazing heels!
    PS Thanks for the like on my post lady! 🙂

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