My lists of 3 things happy!

Three things so far that have made my week:

  1. Ice rescue training: I absolutely love ice rescue training for the Fire
    Cute outfit, eh??

    Department. We get to wear these weird dry-suit type things that make you float and get into freezing cold water. The suits keep you warm and dry and it feels like you are an astronaut because of the weightlessness it makes you feel. So. Much. Fun. It’s kind of like Christmas-it only comes around in the winter (for obvious reasons) and it is freaking awesome. I may be one of the only people on the department-Ok, THE only-that is this in love with it but, come on! Who doesn’t want to pretend to be in outerspace??

  2. Going to the bar and coming home with a recipe for chocolate cake: I will totally post the recipe here once I try it. The waitress
    Chocolate cakeeee

    had brought it in for a co-worker who forgot to bring it home so she gave it to me after she found out how I liked to cook and bake. How awesome is that? It sounds devine too… Chocolate and mocha and yumminess. Thanks!

  3. Getting asked if I was a doctor: I work with a lot of doctors for a really awesome medical device company. I am probably one of only a few
    I’d make a cute doctor!

    who are not doctor’s so I can totally see why someone would ask…BUT! I’m just going to take it out of context and be flattered theythought so! Or even if they didn’t think so, they still asked and THAT is cool. Should I go back to med school?? Paging Dr. C! *sigh*

Three things that should make my weekend:

  1. Skiing: I taught skiing for years and love love love it-almost more than my Harley and almost as much as my husband… So! I get to go skiing and might even take the snowboard out this weekend for the first time this season. There is just something that it does to me that just makes me so unbelievably happy.

    Wishful thinking. I’m from New England.
  2. Seeing my family: I love my family! We all love skiing (except my mom who is a snow bunny and looks pretty at the lodge or is more likely found baking cookies and 200 lunches for the kids in ski school). When we are up in the mountains together, it’s vacation to us and everyone is happy and has a good time.

    That’s us fishin’. Yeah buddy!
  3. Party!: Three times a season, the mountain we work at (past tense for me) puts on a little party for their employees. They serve them dinner, which is usually really good, and hire a band and give prizes out. Oh. And dollar beers. Best. Night. Ever. This weekend is one of those parties and now that I don’t work there, I can go home and shower before coming into close contact with my friends and family. Score!

    This is super old but from one of those parties!

So that’s what I have going on right now to make me happy! What’s got you glowing today?

Have a fantastic weekend!


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