Sucks to be you, have a doughnut!

Dear Miss America,

Let me start off by saying that I love your organization. You help give young women a fantastic opportunity to earn scholarship money and grow into professionals by helping them shape the way they carry themselves and to help them to hone in on their interview skills. As a former Miss local titleholder myself, I benefited greatly from your program, owing a lot of my success to skills I learned from competing, and I thank you for the opportunity.

With that being said, What the hell were you thinking with the doughnut show Saturday during your Miss America 2013 pageant?! Seriously! What. The. Hell.

I was absolutely beyond appalled that you allowed that little stunt to be pulled. Sure, some might have thought it was “cute” or “funny”. I am so sorry to inform you that it was horribly tacky and screamed the wrong message to young girls and women throughout this country.

“Hey America! You can only look this way by starving yourself!”

“Hey Ladies! Too bad, so sad you didn’t win. Have a doughnut!”

Um. Gross. Those girls up there have worked their butts off (possibly quite literally) to look that way. They go to the gym, they eat healthy, they work at it. Sure, some of them might have really starved themselves and some of them might have had a disorder-who knows! But don’t bring that to light! A lot of them worked hard for their bodies and to show America that a. You need to deprive yourself of all carbs and sugar b. sucks to be you, have a doughnut…. Really, what kind of message are you sending? Donuts are not a part of a healthy diet but it doesn’t mean you can’t eat them. But hey, ladies, don’t worry. If you starve yourself but don’t win, you can have a doughnut.

As a long time supporter of your program, I am very disappointed in this.

I hope you choke on your own morning doughnut.

Very aggravated,


P.S. Miss NY is a fabulous choice. But does she get to have a doughnut??


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