New Years Evolutions

Ah, not a misprint. I actually mean evolutions, not resolutions. Resolution is the process of resolving. Evolution is developmental process. I’d much rather develop myself than try to fix myself… I’d need a hell of a lot longer than a year for that. With that being said, I am a huge believer in goals. Loose, endpoint goals. Not the be-all, end-all type. Something to aim for and focus on. If you look at your own New Years resolutions this way, you’d be a whole lot more apt to actually finish them. So here is my loose, happy-go-lucky, something to work for goals for 2013.

1. Read at least *2* books a month. This won’t be a problem. I love to read. However, one of these books must be a classic or something from before 1920. There are hundreds of titles out there completely untouched by today’s readers because they are old. I’ve read Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series (and loved it) and there are so many issues the people from that era were going through that we go through now, 100 years later. They are definitely worth a second look.

2. Blog at least 113 times. This is just a bit more than twice a week. This could be fun to keep up and keep my brain growing.

3. Lose 20 pounds. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone says this. However, a whole year to lose 20 pounds is so totally doable. In reality, I eat ok, just need more movement in my life. A little more exercise is what this should be titled. Also, I just want to be a skinny bitch.

4. Learn a new language. I speak ok Spanish. And by ok I mean like a 6 out of 10. Could definitely use some improvement. Also, I will be traveling for work where French and German could come in handy. I’d like to learn both! Rosetta Stone??

5. Go on at least 1 [charity] bike ride a month (weather permitting). God, I love my bike. What better way to enjoy your bike than knowing it is for a good cause. Plus, a lot of rides I’ve been on are escorted and you feel all special running red lights and stop signs and seeing a ton of bikes in front and behind you and hearing that rumble. Oh, yes, please!

6. Get out of debt. This is a goal I have for every day. But between student loans, some residual credit card debt from smart spending, and our mortgage, we are doing pretty damn good. So with my old University actually owing me money, the check this month is going to kick start my snow-ball effect get out of debt program. I may not pay off my student loans this year, but I’d like to make a dent! Tackle that mortgage too. Before spring is over, we will have $0.00 credit card balance!

7. Keep trying to be a good person. Volunteer more, help out more, complain less. Waking up at 3am to help strangers in need? I think so. (Not that I don’t do that already, I’ll just continue, I guess?)

8. Be a good wife. Love more. Complain less. Compliment more. Nitpick less. Say yes more.

9. Laugh more. I am going to try to actively seek out funny and lighthearted things and people. Hello, happiness!

10. Cook better. I’m not a bad cook. I’ve come a long way, but I have a long way to go to be a great cook. So I’m going to try more recipes, get a little more funky, and continue to trick my husband into eating (and enjoying!!) things he “doesn’t like”.

11. Pray more. Whether there is or isn’t a God up there hanging on my every word, it definitely helps to think things through. Or maybe it is just God at work. Who knows, but I’d like to do more of it. Especially to show how thankful I am for what I have.

12. Yoga-fy myself. I know, not a word. I want to become all flexible and in tune with myself. Yoga pants and all.

13. Relax. Anxiety killed the cat, not curiosity. I don’t want grey hairs and wrinkles at 25. I don’t want to dies of a heart attack at 30 either.

13 new evolutions for 2013. I’m going to try my hardest. And if I don’t succeed, I’ll just keep on truckin’ cause every day you wake up and you’re alive, it’s a good day.


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