5 things I’ve learned from experience

Looking around WordPress I find the daily prompt. Sure, I can fill you in on how I voted, you voted, we all voted, Obama won, people are happy, people are sad… blah blah blah OR I can give you some real healthy advice. I have been prompted with “What have you done that you would advise your friends never to do?” Duuuude.

Rather than rehash my past failed relationships and poor fashion choices, I will give you some pretty handy advice I have learned first hand does NOT work and is NOT worth the energy to do it. Enjoy!

  1. Don’t date the locals: If you are in a vacationland or resort town… do not date the locals. There are many scenarios that could arise from doing so. You could get sucked into a freaky deaky cult. You could become someone’s fourth baby daddy. You could wake up somewhere naked with a kidney missing. Just not a good idea.
  2. Don’t pay to get judged: If you are an unsuspecting pretty young lady and are interested in doing pageants, don’t pay for them. Miss America is a scholarship pageant: they pay you (how cool is that??). Miss USA is a beauty pageant. You pay them. Lots of money. While the shiny pretty crown is nice looking, you are paying through the nose to be judged. Shit. Just go to the mall. You’re welcome.
  3. Don’t date the popular guys: If you value your sanity and your sanitary… Well, you know. I have a theory that everyone peaks at some point in their life. Some are luckier than others and their peak lasts more than a year or two and they are pretty awesome. Other not so lucky people peak in high school and its all down hill from there. Sucky. So date the geeks and the dorks and watch as they blossom into a beauuutiful butterfly… as their career skyrockets… and they make lots of money… and get rich and famous. Don’t be a has-been! Don’t date one, either.
  4. Don’t settle: If you have a dream, an idea, an interest. Go for it. Don’t settle on living your every day ho-hum. Move to that big city, take that offer, run like the wind, Bullseye. Do it. I dare you. You don’t want to regret something 1, 10, 30 years from now you can’t fix because you settled. This goes for relationships too. If someone just isn’t your everything, move along. There’s nothing to see here. If it’s not everything you’ve dreamed it would be, keep going until you found that dream you’ve dreamed. Otherwise, you won’t be happy and that’s just not fair to either of you.
  5. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something: This is a biggie. Just cause someone says you can’t do something, you most certainly can. I do not advise breaking the law… that is a bad day. But if someone says you’ll never amount to anything or you can’t become the person you want. Screw that. You can. Prove them wrong. It happens. (This is how I became a firefighter… and a lumberjack… and a scientist…)

I’m going to get off my soapbox now. So take some of the advice, run with it, or run from it, depending. Go.


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