80’s Babies, I miss my childhood!

I have a package of runts I will snack on during the ride home from work that I bought a few weeks ago. Every time I eat them though, I am reminded how much they suck and I end up pissing and moaning to myself in my car looking like a lunatic all the way home. Why do they suck? Because instead of the wonderful little lime fruits and delicious little cherry fruits (at least that is what I think they were), they have been replaced with green apple fruits (gross) and purple grape fruits (which are totally not proportional in size compared to the other fruits). So disappointing. So then this gets me thinking… what else do I miss from when I was a kid?

I was born in the second half of the 80’s. Young enough to be a 90’s kid, old enough to remember most of the 80’s stuff… Kind of a weird cusp kind of thing so don’t mind my “I miss from the 80’s…” when it was actually the 90’s. I’ve compiled a list of the things I miss a most and a few things I do not miss.

  1. The lime and cherry runts. Seriously, I don’t know why you’d change them, there was nothing wrong with them.
  2. Punky Brewster. Dear Punky, we were best friends when I was a kid, you just didn’t know it. God I loved that show.
  3. Pop Qwiz Colored Popcorn. It was so much fun having “mystery” popcorn. What color would your popcorn be??
  4. Lisa Frank. I have no idea why her stuff was so awesome but who could resist such beaming bright colors and adorable animal awesomeness? So. Cool.
  5. Cartoon animated Disney movies. Cinderella. Lion King. The Little Mermaid. Aladdin. Sleeping Beauty. Beauty and the Beast. Sure, the animated movies now are pretty cool but they are just not the same. Sidenote: I will have that library in Beauty and the Beast if I have to sell every organ in my body.
  6. Reading Rainbow. This was a ploy to get kids reading. I loved to read. Thanks, Reading Rainbow!
  7. Cereal: There was this wicked awesome cereal I can still taste… I just can’t remember what it is called! It was similar to rice krispies only sweet… I’ll find it and edit later.
  8. TGIF. I looked forward to Friday nights to watch my shows!
  9. Gloworms. I had one, didn’t you?
  10. My Little Pony. I loved all the pretty ponies!
  11. Family Matters. I think I have seen every episode.
  12. Oregon Trail. Wow-whenever we could have free computer time THIS was the go to… Your kids always died though. Kind of a depressing game for kids but we loved it!
  13. Krystal Princesses. I loved these things! I had a whole castle for them and everything! Plus, you could wear their crowns as rings.
  14. Fashion Plates. I used this all. the. time. I’m pretty sure I still have it.
  15. Mix tapes. I had a little pink radio where I just hit record when my favorite song was on. I was amazed when CDs came out that you could burn.
  16. Jellies. I had pink ones and clear ones and purple ones. It just sucked getting a rock in them. “Ow! I got a rock in my Jellies!”
  17. Care Bears. What a lovely little TV show. Except they called my cousin Care Bear and she and my other cousin had a club and wouldn’t let me in. WTF.
  18. Married With Children. All I knew is that sitting on the couch eating bon bons was totally the way to go.
  19. Bill Cosby Show. I loved this show too. You’d think by my list all I did was watch TV but they had some really great shows back then!
  20. Super NES. Even my mom played with us. But of course you couldn’t shut the system off without losing your progress, unless you had a code… My dad used to hide the controllers on us if we were being punished. My mom actually cried when we killed Bowser.
  21. Inspector Gadget. Fun show and fun Nintendo game!
  22. Phil Collins. I thought he had the best music. Su-su-sudiooo.
  23. Queen. I am absolutely 100% obsessed with them still. I LOVED Freddie Mercury and remember watching his last performance on TV. I was in awe. I still remember it too.
  24. Movie Rental Store. It was a treat to go to rent a movie!
  25. U2. My dad was really into them for a while and we’d listen to them on the new CD’s he got. CD’s were just so cool. Sidenote: This is my favorite album cover. I walked into a Walmart 2 years or so ago and there was a woman’s nightshirt onsale with this image. Oh. My. God. I wear it all the time.
  26. Sitting in the front seat. We had to fight over who was going to be cool and sit in the front seat. Then they go on saying how its dangerous. Party poopers. Of course I can sit in the front seat not but it isn’t the same.
  27. Driving on mom’s lap. Come on. Your parents did it too. Let you sit on their lap and drive the car. Imagine if we did that now??
  28. Playing outside. We played outside in any type of weather. We ran out of “normal” games to play? We’d make up our own! The more neighborhood kids, the merrier.
  29. Oatmeal Swirlers. I loved this oatmeal. It came with a little jelly packet to add to your oatmeal. So. Good.
  30. Black olives and Bugles on your fingers. Snack time at on your finger tips.
  31. Mini piano toys. These were fun. Until you accidentally jam a rubber key inside the plastic.
  32. Dole Fruit Pops. My Nana used to give these to us as a treat and sit us out on her front porch and watch the cars drive by. We’d play a game and pick a color and whoever reached say 10 “blue” cars first won. They probably still have them… I just can’t find them!
  33. Ecto Cooler. This I do not miss. My mom apparently thought we loved them or the marketing that they had lots of Vitamin C made her keep buying them. Yuck.
  34. Slouch Socks Stirrup Pants. I do not miss these either. Sure, they were a fashion statement but those seams across the toe? Torturous!! I had to wear all of my socks inside out or else I wouldn’t wear socks! Awful!
  35. Stirrup Pants. Third thing I do not miss. At all. I have long legs and these always pulled my pants down and made my crotch go somewhere to my knees. Plus it felt weird in your shoes. No thank you!

So there you have it. My list of things that I mostly miss from my childhood. If nothing else, please, please bring back the cherry and lime runts!!


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