Easiest way to shred chicken-ever!


Now, doesn’t that look wonderful?? So I have been shredding chicken by hand since I don’t know when. While I am extremely book smart, I have about 2 ounces of common sense to my whole being so I never really thought to ask or try another way. And then! I found this! How absolutely perfect and very time saving! Here’s how to make a 30 minute chicken shredding project into a 5 minute one. (Ok, times aren’t accurate and don’t make fun of me if this is how EVERYONE does it because there has GOT to be someone out there with a dim bulb like mine who could benefit from this information!!)

1. Cook your chicken like you normally would. I boiled it up. Kind of chewy because of this but its cool. Just cook it like the recipe calls for and don’t pay me any attention.

2. Take your cooked (and still hot) chicken out of the pan and stick it in your mixer. I stuck all 6 breasts into my Kitchenmaid and latched down the top. Turn it on. I turned it on the lowest setting because I figured that’s all you needed. I walked away, turned the TV on in the living room, walked back and Voila! That picture is what I saw!

Seriously, why did I not ask or research this earlier??


Oh October!

I love October. The leaves are turning, the air is cooler, the kids go trick or treating… Most importantly, it is my BIRTHDAY month! I’m not the type to go all out and make 2 weekends of complete shenanigans out of my birthday. Actually, scratch that. I would love to go out and paint the town red for like two weeks like other people my age but I just don’t have the time. Bummer. But this year, I am going to a wedding on my actual birthday and am going to another-you guessed it-wedding the day after… So what am I to do? I am turning 25 and have a wedding weekend to celebrate around.

In all honesty, it doesn’t really bother me much. I don’t really want to make a big deal about 25 because then it will seem so real-like I’m actually aging or something. In my head, I have two personas. One is a 40 year old career woman and the other is a 20 year old college kid. While I don’t have split personalities or any weird psych problems, I do find that these two parts of me tend to clash quite a bit. Kind of like the rest of my life: nothing matches!
So my real problem is this. I have no idea what I would like for my birthday. I’m really not materialistic at all, I usually buy only what I need, I tend not to want anything fancy or special… I’m not trying to be all self-rightous here but I am just not craving anything. I wish I was! I’ve had family ask what I would like for my birthday and the only thing I have come up with in the past 3 weeks is a mascara I’ve tried and love (Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes in black). Now I’m either going to get nothing or I’m going to get 3 tubes of the stuff. What do I want?? I am not picky and I love anything I am given and grateful for the gift.

But really, what on earth do I want for my birthday? Also, what is the best gift you’ve given or received?

Monday night’s dinner

So the whole meal planning thing wasn’t as bad as I thought. Well, I lied. I hate coming up with ideas for dinner (planning ahead at least) but it is is necessary evil if I want to have all the right ingredients for something for dinner. You do what you gotta do.

So yesterday, I went to Market Basket for a little grocery shopping fun, and came home $50 lighter and 20 pounds heavier. $50 for a weeks worth of food isn’t too bad! I picked up a nice loaf of French bread on the way out and it was such a good idea.

I made Tortellini soup from a recipe I made up because I was too lazy to look up one I had seen before. Personally, I love a nice chunky soup. I hate to have to fish out little morsels out of a bowl of broth. Too much work for such a disappointing surprise. C’mon Campbells! We all know you can afford to throw in another handful of mini chicken cubes into your chicken and stars!

Anyways, I used two bags of Market Basket frozen cheese tortellini. I bought a box of chicken broth but because I was making such a large pot of soup, I ended up using 4 boullion cubes with 4 cups of water. I bought MB brand frozen chopped spinach, a can of stewed tomatoes, and sausage. I cooked the tortellini and took the casing off the sausage and cooked that while the broth was warming up on the stove. I added all the ingredients together in the pot and let it simmer for a bit. We ate it maybe an hour later with the fresh bread. It was delicious! It was filling too. My husband is a pretty picky eater as is our friend that was over and they both liked it. If I knew that all it took for my hubby to eat spinach was to throw it in a soup, I would have started making this stuff long ago! I had a small bowl and later had a half a cup after it had been sitting for a bit and it was even better! I highly recommend it! If I made it again, I would add another can (or just 1 big can) of stewed tomatoes… but that is only because I love stewed tomatoes.


Simple Tortellini Soup

*I would halve this recipe… I made about a gallon of soup with this!

-2 pkgs frozen tortellini

-1-2 cans of stewed tomatoes

-1 pkg (6 links) of sausage or 1 pkg sausage meat

-1 pkg chopped spinach, frozen

-8 cups chicken broth

1. Boil water and cook tortellini as directed on package. While cooking, brown sausae meat.

2. In a large pot, add broth and frozen chopped spinach and allow to thaw on a med-high heat.

3. Add cooked tortellini, browned sausage, and canned tomatoes (I did not drain to add a little more flavor).

4. Set to simmer for a bit. You can eat it right away or leave it.

Meal Planning: The Bain of My Existence

What do you want to eat this week? What do you want for dinner tonight?
Two questions I always ask and always get the same answer to. “I dunno”.

Meal planning is such a pain when you don’t have anything to go off of. Since it is just my husband and I, it shouldn’t be nearly as hard as it is. We don’t have any picky kids, we don’t have to feed a gaggle of kids and their friends and plan around soccer practice and ballet lessons… It’s just the two of us for dinner. Should be simple? Should be.

I love food. I love good food. I am probably the least picky eater you could find. My problem is I can NEVER make up my mind! My other problem is my potato and beef eating husband. Really, that is pretty much all he likes.

So when I ask “What do you want for dinner this week?” I cringe when I hear “I dunno”- simply because I hate coming up with ideas on my own. I would be ok if he said fish heads and rice… wouldn’t matter to me, I’d eat it, and it would be so helpful!

Ok. My ranting is over. This is what we ate last week:

Monday: Enchilladas**

Tuesday: Worked late, grabbed Wendys.

Wednesday: Chili**

Thursday: Dinner at my parent’s house of Calzones!

Friday: Chicken Pot Pie

Saturday: Friend’s house for BBQ

Sunday: Mac and Cheese and Grilled Cheese: Can I just say that sometimes reverting to a childhood favorite is so cozy and stress free. I call them “little kid” meals and we these are our go to dinners for hanging and watching our favorite TV shows and winding down. Chicken nuggets and tater tots fall into this category as well.

NOW for THIS week!

Monday: Tortellini Soup

Tuesday: Enchiladas (again-they were such a hit)

Wednesday: Pizza (We usually go out to grab a beer and a pie after our Fire Dept training on Wed’s)

Thursday: Steak, veggies, and rice or potatoe

Friday: Sundried tomato and chicken pasta

**Homemade without a recipe.

Now that I figured that out, can someone please help me get my husband to come up with something-anything-for dinner?