Sandy, Oh, Sandy

Now like everyone else in this country’s Northeast, I have been getting ready for this Frankenstorm. Well, maybe not to the extremes as everyone else. I am not as freaked out because as a first responder, I am sure I will be busy doing things and our station has water and a generator so that’s cool. I went shopping for a massive amount of crap I have been putting off getting: cleaning supplies, non perishable foods, shampoo… I think I was the only one at the Walmart I went to that had normal things in her carriage. While everyone else will be hunkering down, I’ll be cleaning, thank you very much. I got my dish soap, my laundry detergent, my shampoo, bleach, and dog food. Oh yes, I am prepared.

Unfortunately, everyone else has a different view on this storm and it is starting to freak me out a bit. I’m certainly not saying the weatherpeople and government are wrong and I totally believe them that there is going to be some apocalyptic storm going on later, but it is just so eerie, don’t you think? There are no one on the roads. School is cancelled for every town on the eastern seaboard. Even the little critters like birds and squirrels have all found a place to go (they are no dummies!). I walked into work this morning and while I usually come a little earlier than everyone else… I am the only one here! I didn’t get an email or anything saying otherwise so I showed up. The only other person I have seen so far is a girl who started last week. So now we are both here and have no idea what is going on. Maybe everyone is just late this morning? Or maybe they just forgot about the newer people and everyone else is sitting at home curled up with tea and a book snickering at the new fools they hired.

Well, if nothing else, I hope they send us home early. I just don’t want to drive in scary psycho-weather and I’d like to clean a bit more with things like electricity and water still available to me.

I searched for “Sandy” this morning online to see what I could come up with. I saw the lyrics for “Sandy” from Grease… I’m just going to leave you with a bit of the lyrics to creep you out a bit.

Sandy, can’t you see
I’m in misery?
You made a start, now we’re apart
There’s nothing left for me

Dum dum dummm. Sure, you have to really read into it to make it freaky but I’m jus’ sayin’… Stay safe 😉


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