25 tomorrow, does that mean I have to grow up?

Tomorrow is my birthday. *YAY*. I am going to be 25 years old. 25… that is a quarter century. My baby items are now considered antiques. My mother must feel old now. What does this mean for me?
When I was younger, 25 was my cut off age for being an adult. A real, full fledged, contributing citizen. I pictured I would be married, have a career, a house with a white picket fence, and maybe even think about having *gasp* babies! I’m really not that far off. I am happily married, have a beautiful home, a wonderful career, and babies are somewhere down the line for us. The only thing I am missing is the white picket fence. I even have my finances in order, saving for retirement, investing… So all this means I am an adult then, right? I sure don’t feel like one.

I like giraffes, sparkles, and puppies. I will sometimes have dessert for dinner. I drive too fast. I go to bed late. I don’t always do my chores. I make fun of mean people. I like to listen to gossip. I love to tease. I play tricks on people. I routinely hide on my husband so I can jump out and scare him. I do this to my dogs too. I rat tail towels and whip my husband getting out of the shower… That doesn’t sound like an adult to me.

I feel like I’m stuck in limbo. 25 years old, 25 years ago, meant being an adult. My parents were just a bit over 25 when they had me. They worked hard, had nice things, were starting a family, and still also saving for retirement. But they weren’t the only ones. Most people at that age were in the same boat. Now? You’ll be lucky if you find a 25 year old in their own home. Mostly, look for them in their old bedroom at mommy and daddy’s house. What happened to us? Is it the job market, the “everyone’s a winner” way we were brought up (which is complete bullshit because the world does NOT actually work that way!), or is it just the fact that we are a lazier generation? I truly believe I am not part of the “norm”. I worked my tail off to get to where I am today and to have what I have and I am thankful for every little piece of it. So what am I supposed to be? Like my parents, normal contributing adults? Or should I be more like everyone else in my generation, a good 5 years behind schedule?

Happy 25th Birthday… I think?


3 thoughts on “25 tomorrow, does that mean I have to grow up?

  1. There is so much pressure on us by society.Jackie may be ready in life to be married and have kids but does that mean I should be? Answer is simply no.We need to measure where and how we do things based on our own measures.

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