Easiest way to shred chicken-ever!


Now, doesn’t that look wonderful?? So I have been shredding chicken by hand since I don’t know when. While I am extremely book smart, I have about 2 ounces of common sense to my whole being so I never really thought to ask or try another way. And then! I found this! How absolutely perfect and very time saving! Here’s how to make a 30 minute chicken shredding project into a 5 minute one. (Ok, times aren’t accurate and don’t make fun of me if this is how EVERYONE does it because there has GOT to be someone out there with a dim bulb like mine who could benefit from this information!!)

1. Cook your chicken like you normally would. I boiled it up. Kind of chewy because of this but its cool. Just cook it like the recipe calls for and don’t pay me any attention.

2. Take your cooked (and still hot) chicken out of the pan and stick it in your mixer. I stuck all 6 breasts into my Kitchenmaid and latched down the top. Turn it on. I turned it on the lowest setting because I figured that’s all you needed. I walked away, turned the TV on in the living room, walked back and Voila! That picture is what I saw!

Seriously, why did I not ask or research this earlier??


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