Sandy, Oh, Sandy

Now like everyone else in this country’s Northeast, I have been getting ready for this Frankenstorm. Well, maybe not to the extremes as everyone else. I am not as freaked out because as a first responder, I am sure I will be busy doing things and our station has water and a generator so that’s cool. I went shopping for a massive amount of crap I have been putting off getting: cleaning supplies, non perishable foods, shampoo… I think I was the only one at the Walmart I went to that had normal things in her carriage. While everyone else will be hunkering down, I’ll be cleaning, thank you very much. I got my dish soap, my laundry detergent, my shampoo, bleach, and dog food. Oh yes, I am prepared.

Unfortunately, everyone else has a different view on this storm and it is starting to freak me out a bit. I’m certainly not saying the weatherpeople and government are wrong and I totally believe them that there is going to be some apocalyptic storm going on later, but it is just so eerie, don’t you think? There are no one on the roads. School is cancelled for every town on the eastern seaboard. Even the little critters like birds and squirrels have all found a place to go (they are no dummies!). I walked into work this morning and while I usually come a little earlier than everyone else… I am the only one here! I didn’t get an email or anything saying otherwise so I showed up. The only other person I have seen so far is a girl who started last week. So now we are both here and have no idea what is going on. Maybe everyone is just late this morning? Or maybe they just forgot about the newer people and everyone else is sitting at home curled up with tea and a book snickering at the new fools they hired.

Well, if nothing else, I hope they send us home early. I just don’t want to drive in scary psycho-weather and I’d like to clean a bit more with things like electricity and water still available to me.

I searched for “Sandy” this morning online to see what I could come up with. I saw the lyrics for “Sandy” from Grease… I’m just going to leave you with a bit of the lyrics to creep you out a bit.

Sandy, can’t you see
I’m in misery?
You made a start, now we’re apart
There’s nothing left for me

Dum dum dummm. Sure, you have to really read into it to make it freaky but I’m jus’ sayin’… Stay safe 😉

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Dave and I took the bikes over to my parent’s house last night. When we were leaving, my father’s motion detector went off and cast a neat glow on us as we were leaving the driveway. While waiting for my bike to warm up (blast you, carburetor), I looked down and laughed at myself. Pink and rhinestoned gloves, and a pink embroidered leather Harley jacket. This represents a few things. The pink and rhinestones represent me, my lighthearted girly fun loving self, the bike represents my freedom, and the actual items I am wearing represent all the hard work I’ve been putting in (anything Harley-Davidson = $$$). Just a neat scene I thought I’d share. Plus, I really liked the lighting. This to me equals happiness.

Two Weddings and a Birthday!

I love wedding. I mean I LOVE weddings. I love them so much that I became a JP in the state of NH just so I could marry people. They are right up there with Christmas eve for me (my very favorite day of the entire year). So you can just imagine my excitement that I was able to attend not one but TWO weddings! On my birthday no less! Both weddings were beautiful and I had a blast dancing the night away Saturday night. I didn’t drink too much because we had to leave first thing to go to the next wedding and it would be really unfortunate if you were to go to a wedding with a huge hangover. I just had fun dancing. I love dancing almost as much as I love weddings and Christmas eve… If you wanted to see a 9,000 kilowatt smile, you should have seen me Saturday night! Man, I was in my element.

My birthday has now come and gone and in my last post, I pondered whether or not I should become a grown up this weekend. Well, it is now Tuesday and I am here to tell you that no, nothing has changed. I have no new wrinkles, I still love sparkles and giraffes, and the world is still turning. It is definitely not the end of the world thus far! As far as goals go, my goal this year is to work hard and stash away a nice little nest egg for whatever we may need it for. That is about it. That’s about the most adult thing that I’m thinking now. So hey, it’s cool.

I did have a wonderful birthday though, in case you were wondering. We went to a hibachi grill on Friday night and had some yummy food and drinks. My sister and I spray tanned (she bought me a tan for my birthday among other things!) and looked really dark. Like really dark. Like think of Indian skin tone and apply it to two semi-transparent german girls… We stuck out. But it was cool, people didn’t stare too badly in the restaurant. You can’t shower for a while so we weren’t able to wash off the fake bake bronzer they initially put on. The little baby next to my sister thought it was a riot though.

After dinner, we had cake back at the house and my friends gave me some wonderful presents. Our friend Matt, who is more like our brother, gave me a generous gift I am going to do something totally bad ass with. Put it towards a new tattoo or hot pink something something on my gas tank on the Harley. Our friends Kenny and Laura gave me the most adorable mugs and beautiful plate. The plate is metallic and has a giraffe on it. Like really pretty. The mugs have little giraffes inside of them! What a neat concept! Except the little giraffes drown when you put liquid in and you feel compelled to drink it down to a level in which they can breathe… I know, I’m weird like that. Who would worry themselves over whether or not their little porcelain giraffe can breathe? Ugh…
My sister gave me a nice shirt, beautiful scarf (one of those cool infinity scarves!), socks to match (ok. After dancing comes giraffes and new socks. I love love love new socks), OPI nail polish in Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok, fine! (I’ll be traveling to Germany for work and she thought it was appropriate), and a ring pop to go with the whole girly glamour theme. LOVE IT! Everyone was so thoughtful in their gifts and I appreciated them all so much!

So now it is Tuesday and I am 25 and 3 days. Maybe the whole growing up thing will take it’s time? Maybe it will happen tomorrow. Who knows? I’ll keep you posted.

My beautiful giraffe plate!

Beautiful roses from David

Chocolate cake with my favorite frosting!